Rob initiated Maritime Operations cc in 2010

Having served in the South African Police for two periods between 1988-1995 and 2001-2006 Rob has served in specialised Units such as the Durban (Unit 9) reaction Unit, Durban Dog Unit, Durban Flying Squad and Durban Highway Patrol. In the period in-between 1995-2001 Rob was a privately contracted Close Quarter protection officer performing services internationally.

In 2006 he left the service and performed support duties in Afghanistan.

Robs experience in logistics- having worked with Breakbulk cargo at RTT from 2008 to 2011, as well as his hands-on police experience allowed him to identify the need for secure weapons movements at Durban Port and direct services specifically towards this new industry, as a result Rob was part of the first successful armed transit through South Africa.

Rob then went on to identify and meet the various needs of Maritime Security companies in South Africa, using his experience as a contractor, and driving his company forward with his personal attention to each transit, client and Security team member.

Rob is SASSETA trained and registered in the use of both Handguns and Rifles and holds a competency certificate for both Handguns and Rifles. He is registered as a nominated person of the Transporters permit.



A South African Police Officer from 1993- 2008, Jane worked in specialised Police Units including Unit 9 Public Order Policing Unit, Durban Flying Squad, Durban Organised Crime and finally formed part of the National Prosecuting Authorities Asset Forfeiture Unit, tracing Crime syndicate members and assets.

Jane resigned from the South African Police Service in November 2008 in order to perform services as an assessor for a leading assessing company. In March 2011 while holding a Regional Managers position, she resigned from her position to assume the position of a Director at Maritime Operations. Janes legal, police, and corporate experience immediately lent value to the developing company.

Jane is responsible for all compliance requirements as well as contract negotiation with clients. She also attends to all accounting and invoicing services; and overseas the administration of the office.

She currently holds registered weapons competencies for handgun, rifle and shotguns usage in both a personal and business use capacity, and is the nominated responsible person on the Maritime Operations Transporters Permit.