Maritime Operations cc was established and registered as a company in 2010.

Maritime Operations identified a specific business requirement to assist International Maritime Security Companies to legally transit the ports of South Africa with weapons and Security Team members.

The South African Police Authorities were approached and they too recognised the need to regulate the industry in a legal manner. Unprecedented piracy off the East African coastline, extending as far South as Mozambique, made South Africa a viable safe destination for vessels that carrying security teams and Weapons.

Maritime Operations was an integral part of the first transit approved by the Authorities in 2010.

Maritime Operations contributed in positive ways to the formulation of the Guidelines for the Control of Firearms and Ammunition at Ports of Entry in South Africa in conjunction with the Police, Port and Customs Authorities. These Guidelines- first introduced on 23 March 2012 remain the main source of control for Legal weapons movements.

As the predecessor to other Weapons Agencies, Maritime Operations is the leading South African Weapons Agent and continues to offer unrivalled personal service, unique to the requirements of each of their clients.


The Directors of Maritime Operations have long believed that consistent and personal service will ensure the continued success of any business.

Consistency is achieved through communication.

"If customers know exactly what to expect, they are more likely to be satisfied. Do not make empty promises or set unrealistic expectations just because you think that’s what the customer wants to hear."

Personal Service allows team members / clients to rest assured that their transit will be smoothly conducted in full compliance of the Law and the requirements of any relevant Authorities.

Each and every transit is managed and attended to by a Maritime Operations Team who effectively controls all aspects pertaining to the weapons equipment and team.  Our professionalism is recognised by Security Teams, Shipping agents, Transporters, Customs and Police Officials in all Ports of Operation.